Turkish Bardiglio Grey Marble

There are many different types of marble that are used as fine workmanship material all around the world. People, especially after the 1940s, have started to prefer natural stones as a design material for their houses and offices. Because of the natural view of these materials, architects use these products very much for flooring and cladding systems. One of the most popular types of these natural stones is Bardiglio Grey Marble. These natural stones are used for many places as a design material. With its fair prices and quality structure, Bardiglio natural stone can be preferred for house using and other places such as offices, public buildings, and temples, etc.

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Bardiglio Grey Marble Photo 1
Bardiglio Grey Marble Photo 1

Structure of Grey Natural Stone

Bardiglio Grey Marble is a very different type. This natural stone has blue tones on a grey surface. It l-has a fantastic view. When it is used for walls and floors, it feels like a cloudy sky. Because of these features of Bardiglio natural stone, people can prefer this type to catch a different view in their houses. This natural beauty offers us a very different elegance beauty different from other types of natural products. This marble type is preferred very much recent days because of these features.

Bardiglio Grey Marble Photo 2
Bardiglio Grey Marble Photo 2

Using Areas of Marble

Bardiglio Grey Marble can be used in many places in our houses. It can be specially used for bathrooms. Because of its blue tones, it creates a harmonic view on your bathroom walls. Also, it can be preferred for bathroom floors. In addition not only for the bathroom but also for the toilets, this natural beauty is a very proper material. Moreover, this natural beauty can be preferred for your kitchen floors. People who want to an elegance view on their kitchen, can prefer this natural beauty for their kitchen floors. Also, Bardiglio natural stone can be used for kitchen countertops. Another using area is an apartment entrance. It creates a formal air at the entrance of your apartments.

Producing of Bardiglio Grey

The mos qualified Bardiglio Grey marbles are produced in Afyon and Bilecik marble quarries by Delta Marble. Besides of many different sorts, Bardiglio natural stone has a very different producing stage. It also can be produced in many different sizes. Delta Marble’s factory can produce this type of natural product as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm regarding your project’s recruitments. Also, Bardiglio natural stone can be combined the other forms of Delta Stone Collections such as Grey Emperador and Tundra Forest.