Turkish Beige Travertine Marble

There are many construction products which are used to build a much different structure. Especially natural stones are very different products from others. These natural materials are used to ornament our houses and offices. Extra, these products can be used for exterior architecture. There are many different natural stone types in the building market such as marble, travertine, limestone, basalt and onyx. One of the most popular types is travertine, especially beige travertine marble. This natural product is used for many places as a cladding and flooring material.

Beige Travertine Marble Photo 2
Beige Travertine Marble Photo 2

Different Sorts of Beige Natural Stone

There are many different types of beige travertine marble. One of the most popular types is the Classic Cross-cut. These natural stones are used very much by constructors and architects. Because of its natural view in our houses, it is preferred people who want a simple look in their houses. Also, another most preferred type of beige natural stone travertine is Ivory. It provides to your houses a beautiful shade of natural dance in your floors and walls. It can also be combined with dark and brown colors other forms of Delta Stone Collections. Another most known type is Rustic Scabas. It is a very popular design material with its authentic and rustic view. With its different color on a beige surface, it can be combined dark color forms.

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Beige Travertine Marble Photo 1
Beige Travertine Marble Photo 1

Cutting Techniques of Marble

There are two cutting techniques of beige natural stone which are cross-cut and vein-cut. In cross-cut, natural stone can be seen vertically and it provides us a different look for veins. It can be used in many places. Especially, Classic Cross-cut is very handy material. It can be preferred for kitchen and bathroom floors. Another technique is the vein-cut technique. Ivory vein-cut is a very popular design material. It is used for kitchen floors. This use can a traditional regularity for your house view.

Production Sites of Beige Marble

Beige travertine marble is a very popular material and it is used all around the world in order to adorn people’s houses and offices. There are many different production sites of beige natural stone, however, the most qualified beige natural stones are produced in Afyon stone quarries by Delta Marble. In addition, these natural products are manufactured by Delta Marble’s factory in Bilecik. Beige natural stone is produced in many sizes and thicknesses. It can be produced as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm,2cm,3cm regarding to your requirements. Also, these natural stones are very proper for your residential and commercial projects. Beige travertine marble can be combined with other forms of Delta Stone Collections.