Grey Marble Tile Floor

Many different types of natural stone were used for temples and buildings in the historry. In ancient ages, people were preferring these product as larger construction materail. Especailly, in Anatolia, these materail have been used for thousands of years. Even, the name of marble coms from the marble quarries in Marmara Island. One of the most known type of these natural products is grey marble tile floor. This kind of product can be used for many different places in your houses and offices. In addition, not only for interior architecture, grey marble tile floor can be preferred for exterior architecture.

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Different Kinds of Marble

Grey marble has a large color and kind diversity. Many different grey marble tile floor types are presented for your services by Delta Marble such as Cloudy Atlas, Silver Travertine, Grey Emperador, Tundra Forest etc.

Grey Marble Tile Floor Photo 2
Grey Marble Tile Floor Photo 2

Firs of all Cloud Atlas is a very popular type pf grey marble tile floor. It has a very unique color harmony which consist of dark and light colors. Cloudy Atlas is a reflection of natural harmony. It looks like a cloudy and dark sky. Because of this feature of the marble, it adds a elegant view to your houses.

Another type of grey natural stone is Silver Travertine. This type of natural product has a simply beauty. Because of its dark and light grey colors and natural texture, ıt is very proper for people who want naturality in their floors and walls. Also, Silver travertine ca be used for outdoor uses such as veranda floors and garden paths.

Grey Marble Tile Floor Photo 1
Grey Marble Tile Floor Photo 1

Other Types of Grey

Tundra Forest is another type of grey. It can be used for many different places in your houses and offices. Tundra Forest has a authentic and naturally texture for your commercial and residential projects. Like the other marble tiles, Tundra Grey can be combined with other kind of natural stones such as travertines, limestones and onyxes. Another type of grey marble, Bardiglio Grey is also very popular in recent days. It can be used for bathrooms and toiltes floors and walls.

Producing of Tile Floors

Grey is a very practical construction and design material for cladding and flooring system. It is prodced as a most qualified natural product of the world by Delta Stone Collections.