New Quarry of Marble Stone

Marble stone is a metamorphic rock consist of carbonate minerals which is generally calcite or dolomite. Geographically, the term of marble stone means to metamorphosed limestone. However, its use in stonemasonry more commonly encompasses unmetamorphosed limes stone. This type of natural stones is generally used for construction as a building material.

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White marble is one of the most known marble stone types in the world. This natural stone has been used for thousands of years by people to ornament their buildings and construct some magical sculptures. The marble stone was produced for the first time in Marmara Island, in Turkey. Its name comes from this island’s name. From the beginning, This Natural resource is used to adorn our life by architects and designers. Until the 1940s, this natural stone is preferred for big projects and magnificent building as a large construction material. After the 1940s, this type of stone has been used as a smaller construction and design material in interior architecture in our houses and the other areas of houses.

Marble Stone 2
Marble Stone

Natural Beauty

There are many types of marble stones that are used to adorn our houses, gardens, terraces and other buildings such as temples and public buildings. These kinds are marble, travertine, onyx, basalt, and limestone. Because of this variation, This Natural resource is very handy supply to design buildings. One of the most preferred types of marble stones is onyx. This material has a luxurious and shining stance. Because of this structure of onyx marble, it can be used for flashy places. Extra, onyx can be preferred to catch different moods in our house. With cut types, this type of marble stone is proper for interior architecture. Especially, the vein cut technique of this stone is very popular for use in bathroom walls and living room floors.

Sizes of Natural Beauty

The other most known type of natural beauty is limestone. This type of natural stone adds simple and flamboyant to our houses at the same time. There are many kinds of natural beauty. These kinds are lymra, golden, seagrass and perlato lymstone. With simple beauty, Lymra limestone is suitable for formal places such as offices and public buildings. On the other hand, with its tumbled edges, Golden limestone is very popular among the people who prefer a simple view instead of a modern look.


The most quality marble stone are produced in Afyon marble quarries in the world. With their various options and natural beauty, this type of stones is the very precious construction material for people. Delta Stone Collections presents the most quality marble stone which is a beauty, million of years you wait for.