Types of Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are one of the most popular construction materials, today. This type of material has been used since the 1940s. Before this date marbles were used as a larger construction material by instructors. They were used in order to build only big projects and design larger buildings, unlike today’s use. Especially, in ancient civilizations, architects were using this type of natural stones to design big temples and palaces as heavy building materials. However, after the 1940s, people have noticed that marble is a very valuable construction material and it can be used not only for big projects but also for fine workmanship. Since this time, these natural stones can be cut thinner and the flooring material derived from this technique, are used by people in order to ornament their houses, offices, and gardens.

Cutting Techniques

Marble tiles are very handy materials for designing our houses. In other words, these materials can be used in many areas in houses. Extra, marble tiles can be used for our homes’ gardens and terraces. Because of their color diversity and their various cutting techniques, these types of natural stones are preferred by people, frequently.

Marble Tiles Photo
Marble Tiles Photo

There are many cut styles of marble tiles. For example, chevron tiles are very popular among the designers. These forms of marble tiles can be used in bathrooms and toilets. Moreover, they can be used in kitchen walls. There are some color and type options for chevron tiles. For instance, Carrera is one of the most preferred kind of chevron tiles. With its light tones and suitability for the ground, this type of flooring material are proper for house designs.

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Another cutting technique for floor tiles is the Kensington technique. This technique is slightly different from other species with its cutting. Nevertheless, this type of flooring material look pretty stylish on the walls and floors.

Pretty Stylish

The other marble tiles type is hexagon tiles. This type of tile is cut in hexagonal form and its name comes from its shape. These flooring material are very useful for house floors and it looks very harmonic with each other in houses’ floors. Extra, it can be used for balcony and terraces. Because of its waterproof structures, this type of natural stone is very suitable for this area of our houses.


There are some other cutting techniques which are oblong hexagon and herringbone tiles. Because of a wide variety of cutting techniques of flooring material, they can be used not only in houses but also for our gardens. Especially, these natural stones can be used for poolside and garden paths. In addition, marble tiles can be combined with other forms of Delta Stone Collections.