Travertine Wall Collections

Marble is an ancient construction material. People, in the ancient world, were using travertine wall in order to create magnificent buildings. However, this natural stone was used only as a huge construction material and this type of material wasn’t used as fine workmanship such as flooring or cladding.

After the 1940s, people have started to use this natural beauty as a design material. There are many types of marble today. One of the most preferred design materials is the travertine wall. Architects have started to prefer this type of material in order to ornament buildings’ walls. People can also prefer this type of material in order to catch a simple look with luxury. Marble stones are a very natural material, because of this skill of marbles, they are very appropriate construction material for your house. Especially, the travertine wall is a suitable design and construction material for interior architecture.

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Travertine Wall 1
Travertine Wall 1

Different Colors of Travertine Walls

There are many types of travertine walls. One of the most preferred forms of this natural stone is Silver. This type of marble is very suitable for bathrooms and toilets. Also, can be preferred for outdoor use. There are two cutting techniques which are cross cut and vein cut. Especially, cross cut technique with Siver creates a mood which look like a old Ottoman baths. With it’s tumbled side, silver color of this type of stone generates a boutique look. On the other hand, the silver color with vein cut technique creates a formal mood in your houses. It can be used as a travertine wall in order to flooring and cladding. It can be very harmonic with your dark color furnitures such as brown color furnitures.

travertine wall 2 photo
travertine wall 2 photo

Another most known travertine wall type is Noce color. This type of natural stones creates a different air in your house. Moreover, with its brown colors, it can look like wood parquets. With its, people can prefer with their brown color furniture. In addition, Noce can be preferred with light color furniture such as white tones, as a contrast color. There are vein cut an cross cut for noce type of travertine walls. These several options of this natural beauty are increasing its appeal.

Natural Beauty of Travertine Walls

One of the most important features of the travertine wall is its natural view. In our houses, this type of construction material can create natural air. With its different color options, this design supply can be used in many places such as bathroom walls or on all floor coverings in your houses. Travertine walls are produced as the best material in the world and present you by Delta Stone Collections.