has been running Bilecik Beige Marble Quarry with its 25 experts since 2003. Blocks that have been extracted from that quarry are transformed into distinguished products of Natural Stone Collection such as Classic Beige, Perlato Beige, Novana Beige, Novana Antique Beige, Crema Nova Beige, Rosalia Beige, Coctail Beige, Regal Beige, Regal Sapphire Beige, and Delta Daino Beige. These products are exported to different countries as slabs and tiles. Also, blocks obtained from raw material have also been exported to other countries.

Moreover, blocks that are manufactured in Afyonkarahisar-Şuhut Quarry which has been ran since 2012 are two new members of Natural Stone Collection with their international names which are Tundra Grey and Tundra Forest.

The customers of knows what is “quality”