Beige Travertine Changes Houses

In recent days, people have started to want to design their houses with natural stones because natural stones are very proper construction materials for interior architecture, also this type of construction materials are proper supplies for outdoor and landscape architecture. One of the most preferred design material is beige travertine. This material is very popular, today. Moreover, this stone has a very soft look. In addition, this type of marble is very suitable for flooring and cladding systems. Architects have started to prefer this material in order to create a building that has a simple and luxurious view together.

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Beige Travertine Photo
Beige Travertine Photo

Colors and Sizes of Beige Travertine

There are many color options for this type of marble. One of the most known is Classic Light. Beige travertine is a very stylish kind for house using. It can be suggested for bathroom walls and floors. Classic Light is very proper for watery surfaces. With its waterproof talent, architects are preferring this type of marble for flooring and cladding systems. Also, this supply can be used for kitchens. People who want to a simple kitchen view with stylish looking can prefer Classic Light. Especially, with the cross cut technique, this type of natural stone have a very natural look in your houses. Extra, the beige travertine, with it’s soft looking, have an elegance view in your houses.

The other most known beige travertine type is Ivory. This type of natural stone is very suitable for house using, also this type of supply is preferred for outdoor use. There is two cutting technique for Ivory kind. These technique are cross cut and vein cut technique. These techniques provide us to have different views with the same material. Especially, in Ivory, vein cut technique is very proper. In the bathroom and kitchen, ivory vein cut looks gorgeous.

Beige Travertine 1 Photo
Beige Travertine 1 Photo

Outdoor Use for Beige Travertine

Beige travertine stone can also be preferred for outdoor use. Especially, landscape architects are using this type of marble to catch a harmonic mood with nature. This stone is very proper for outdoor use because these stones are presented by nature. For millions of years, this natural beauty is waiting for us, therefore, it is an appropriate material for outdoor use in gardens and forests.

Beige travertine can also be used on the balcony and terrace. On sunny days, because of the light colors of this natural beauty, it does not warm too much, so it creates a fresh air in your balconies and terraces.

The beige travertine is very suitable design material for flooring cladding systems, moreover it can also be combined with other forms of Delta Stone Collections such as mosaics and mouldings.