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Marbles are cut as marble slabs and the marble slabs offered to your services as natural beauties. Marble slabs off cuts and marble slab prices are changing regarding to your project’s recruitments.

Natural stones have been formed in millions of years in nature. They are cut with thinner layers for the construction and design of your houses. After, the natural stones which wait for millions of years, are polished in the factory of Delta Marble. There are many different types of marble slab for sales such as Golden Emperador and Nero Laurent.

Marble slabs provide a natural beauty with a stylish look on your walls and floors. With many different types of marble slabs, Delta Stone Collections offers you a natural beauty in your houses. Natural stones have a natural textured with contemporary look. They can be used for many different areas of exterior and interior. In addition, these natural beauties can be used together in order to create a natural harmony in your floors. They can be cut with many sizes and thicknesses regarding your project's recruitment. Also, marble slabs can be preferred as mosaic and moulding forms on your walls. They are very proper construction and design materials for wet grounds thanks to their waterproof structure.