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From the ancient ages, we use marbles and travertines with tumble procedure. Tumbled travertine creates an ancient look for your home. Along with its tumbled texture and natural view, it can be used for wet grounds and house floors.

A great number of natural stones can be offered with tumble techniques such as Silver Tumbled Travertines and Pattern Silver Travertines. These types of natural stones create a stylish look for the floor of your residents. Besides, tumbled stones can be used not only for floors but also for wall covering like Tumbled Travertine Backsplash.

Tumbled natural stone is very popular among the people in recent days. Due to its natural texture and ancient look, it is preferred for obtaining an authentic mood in your residents. Especially, these elegant products are preferred for kitchen walls and wall cladding. As we see in the Tumbled Travertine Backsplash, such unique usage creates a very elegant style for your kitchens. Moreover, tumbled stones can be preferred for bathroom and toilet walls. This technique ensures an appearance that comes from history like an ancient Turkish Bath. In addition, tumbled stones can be used as flooring and cladding systems. They can be produced based on your project requirements.