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Mouldings are well-known as a distinguished and smart piece of design and construction material for your living spaces. Mouldings allow the use of different types of natural stones together. Mouldings provide us an aesthetic transition between two different types of natural stones by placing between them.

Mouldings are specifically used for walls and ceilings. Like in the ancient ages, mouldings ensure a natural harmony between different types and different forms of natural stones. Especially, molding skirtings create a stylish look on your walls and ceilings.

Mouldings are attractive forms of natural stones. They can be used in many different places. In history, the mouldings were very popular. This form was used in numerous historical buildings. As we see them in notable architectural monuments, these forms of natural stones give a visual beauty. They can be used with diverse forms and with numerous natural stones. Mouldings can also be used in both interior and exterior design. Gardens and parks are the perfect choices for this form of stone. In addition to numerous product varieties, a wide variety of moulding forms are produced in the Delta Marble facilities for your residents and living spaces.