Tumbled Mosaics

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Tumbled Mosaic is one of the most known mosaic types. These forms of stone can be used for many different places in our houses and outdoor places such as coffees and hotels. They are very proper for interior areas design.

Tumbled Mosaics are very beautiful and elegant natural stone types. They can be used for many different places, especially, for interior architecture. They have a waterproof structure, therefore Tumbled Mosaics can be preferred for wet grounds such as bathroom walls and floors. Also, these natural stones can be preferred for kitchen walls. This use creates a very harmonic view of your kitchens. Tumbled Mosaics are very stylish design materials that can provide a harmonic view of your walls. Tumbled Mosaics are produced by Delta Marble in Bilecik and Afyon, and also, these products are offered for your houses and living areas with the other forms of Delta Stone Collections such as mouldings and waterjets.