Tumbled Mosaics

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Tumbled Mosaic is one of the most well-known mosaics. These forms of stone can be used in various indoor or outdoor spaces like coffee shops and hotels. Such an outstanding choice is ideal for interior designs.

Tumbled Mosaics are magical and exquisite natural stones. They can be used in a diverse number of places, especially for interior architecture. They have a waterproof feature, therefore Tumbled Mosaics are preferred for wet grounds like bathroom walls and floors. Also, this natural elegance can be preferred for kitchen walls. Such use creates a very harmonic view in your kitchens. Tumbled Mosaics are classy design materials that can ensure harmony on your walls. Tumbled Mosaics are produced by Delta Marble in Bilecik and Afyon. And, in Delta Stone Collections these products are offered for your living spaces such as mouldings and waterjets.