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Travertine is a very unique natural material. It has a cavitied structure naturally. With a wide variety, travertine can be used for many different places in your houses. Different types of travertine like french pattern tiles and sealed travertine are very popular materials for house using in recent days.

This natural material is also proper for wet ground. Travertine bathroom is a very appropriate using type for this material. Also, travertine can be preferred for outdoor use because of its natural view and soft structure. The travertine pool is a very proper use because of its waterproof structure.

Travertine has many different types. Especially, for houses, this wide variety provides us a wide range of using choices. It is produced with many different thicknesses and sizes such as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm and 3 cm regarding your projects’ recruitments. It can be used with other types of natural stones such as marble and limestone. Also, travertine floors are another popular using types for your houses. Its soft structure is very proper for high traffic areas in your houses and offices. This natural beauty is produced as the most qualified natural material by Delta Stone Collections with a wide variety.