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Tiles are a very important part of the design and construction process. Tiles stone provides you a wide range of using areas. Because of its wide variety of color and size choices, it can be used as wall tiles and outdoor tiles. Additionally, people can easily prefer tiles for kitchen walls and floors.

There are many different types of natural stones that are used for the design and construction of your houses and gardens, also these natural products are used for other types of buildings such as hotels, hospitals, public buildings, and offices.

Tiles is a very unique material for the construction and design of houses and offices. Thanks to its flexible use, it can be preferred for many areas of indoor and outdoor. Tiles can be produced from much different natural stone such as marble and travertine. One of the best-qualifed tiles is produced by Delta Marble factory in Bilecik from a wide variety of natural products such as marble, travertine, and onyx. Tiles, especially, can be sued for wet ground in your houses and offices thanks to their waterproof features. In the bathroom and toilets, this natural product is very proper covering material. Also, tiles can be used for kitchen walls and floors.