Special Mosaics

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Mosaics are unique materials and they can be used in any residential or office space. Numerous types of mosaics can be offered for your projects. One can say that mosaics are ideal materials specifically for wet grounds. They can be used for the embellishment of your walls. We have various Special Mosaic types in our collections. Classic and Violet are some of those. Besides, Waterjet Mosaics and CNC Mosaics are other popular varieties in this category.

Mosaics are used for thousands of years by people for the decoration of palaces and temples. This outstanding beauty offers the end-user a spectacular harmony coming from thousands of years. They have an elegant style and they can be produced together with various marbles and travertines. We can offer diverse types of mosaics. One of these categories is Special Mosaics. In this product category, they can be used with each other for catching a natural unity in your residents. Special Mosaics are produced by Delta Marble Factories in Afyon and Bilecik with the best raw materials to meet your project requirements wherever you are.