Marble is one of the most eye-catching and popular natural stones. Used in architecture and decoration for centuries, marble attracts attention with its durability, aesthetic appearance and diversity. What is marble? What are the types of marble? How to understand the quality of marbles. In which areas is marble most preferred and used in the construction sector?



Formation and Properties of Marble:

Marble is formed when a calcareous rock such as limestone is metamorphosed under high pressure and high temperature. In this process, marble is formed by recrystallisation of minerals and reshaping of rocks. Marble can usually be white, grey, black, beige and beige in colour and can have various veins and patterns on it.
Marble Types and Qualities:
There are many different types of marble worldwide. Italian marbles such as Carrara, Calacatta, Statuario are famous worldwide. However, Turkey is also one of the world’s largest marble producers and is home to a variety of quality marbles. Regions such as Afyon, Marmara, Denizli, Burdur are important centres for Turkish marble. Among the varieties of Turkish marbles are the following popular ones:
Afyon White: It is a fine-grained, white marble and is favoured worldwide.
Marmara White: It is famous for its grey veins and is often used for floor coverings.
Denizli Travertine: It is a natural travertine and is known for its warm colours and characteristic holes.
Burdur Beige: It is known for its beige colour and homogeneous structure and is used indoors and outdoors.
Marble Carrara

Main Uses of Marbles:

Marble is used in many different areas because it has a durable structure. Some common areas of use are as follows:
Bathroom Countertops: It is frequently preferred in bathroom countertops due to its aesthetic appearance and durability.
Kitchen Countertops: Marble used in kitchen countertops provides a luxurious and stylish look.
Floor Coverings: Marble floor coverings add elegance and prestige to a space.
Wall Coverings: Marble coatings used on the walls provide a modern and stylish look.
Sculptures and Ornaments: Marble is also frequently used in the construction of works of art and ornaments.

Marbles Add Aesthetic Value in Architecture.

Marble is a frequently preferred material due to its natural beauty and aesthetic appeal. It is especially preferred by people looking for a luxurious and stylish look. In addition, the fact that marble is obtained and processed from limited resources makes it a high-value material.
Care and Cleaning of Marbles:
Caring for marble is important because it can be sensitive to acids and scratches. A gentle cleaner and a damp cloth can be used for daily cleaning. In addition, regular protection of marble surfaces with a protective coating can increase its durability and protect against staining.
Marble is a rare stone offered to us by nature and has found its place in different areas of use with its elegance and durability. However, taking the right care and protection measures before and after use ensures that the marble remains long-lasting and beautiful.
Before purchasing any marble product, it is important to do a careful research to choose the one that suits your needs and budget.
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