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Using Travertines in Gardens

Travertines can be used in gardens thanks to its sturdy structure. It can be also used in the poolside with its heat-blocking feature. It has different colour choices and finishes. Ancient use of travertine shows us that it is an ideal choice for classy look and durable designs. Travertine is a form of limestone which […]

What is Travertine?

What is Travertine? Travertine is a natural stone with a textured character and elegant look. It has many advantages like its low cost, but it has also disadvantages like its porous structure. It is extracted from Turkey, Iran, Mexico, and Peru. It can be used as a wall cladding and flooring. Travertine is a natural […]

Travertine Paver Usages

Travertine is a unique natural stone that is formed naturally over millions of years. This natural building and decoration material can be applied in various types and forms. Travertine pavers are exported from Turkey to many countries all around the world like Australia, England, Canada, etc. Travertine is a maintenance-friendly product which is preferred for exterior architecture. […]

Types of Grey Marble

One of the most known types of these products is the grey marble tile floor. This kind of product can be used in different places in your houses and offices. In addition to the interior architecture, grey marble tile floors can be preferred for exterior architecture. Different Kinds of Marble Grey marble has a wide […]

Grey Marble Floor Tiles

People prefer natural stones for the design of their houses in recent years. As in the past, natural stones are popular design materials that are used for different places and buildings. Various forms of natural stones are used especially for houses. Grey marble floor tiles are also ideal materials for home floors and walls. With […]

Turkish Calacata Marble

People are using natural stones for thousands of years. Because of the natural beauty of these materials, they were very proper design and construction products for ancient temples and theaters. Also, people had used these materials for palaces and their houses’ construction. One of the most known marble types was Calacata marble. This natural stone […]

Dark Marble Floor Tile

There are many different types of natural stones which can be preferred for your houses’ floors and walls. Especially, after the 1940s, natural stones are used as design materials for your houses. Also, these natural beauties can be used as a larger construction material as in history. The most popular type of natural stones is […]

Turkish Afyon Sugar Marble

The name of marble comes from Marmara Island because of the first quarries in history. Therefore, natural stones are produced as a very qualified and popular design material in Turkey. One of the most known types is Afyon sugar white, in other words, Afyon Sugar White. Sugar white is very proper design and construction material […]