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Onyx is a very different type of stone with its contemporary look. Onyx stone has a natural textured and deep beauty. Because of its wide variety of color bundles and the magnificent harmony of these colors in themselves, marble onyx is a very popular type among people in recent days.

Therefore, onyx is a very popular design and construction material. It can be used for many different places in your houses and offices. Delta Marble, one of the most known onyx supplier, offers this natural harmony to your services with its wide variety of colors such as black onyx and green onyx.

There are many different types of onyx which can be used for flooring and cladding systems. Honey onyx and white onyx are the most known types. These natural stones are generally used for interior architecture because it is a semiprecious mineral and translucent. It can be used in hotel lobbies, hospitals, and apartment entrances. Onyx is produced with many different thicknesses and sizes such as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm,2cm, and 3cm regarding your project's requirements. In addition, it can be produced with larger sizes for larger areas. It is the very proper material for use with floodlight because of its translucent structure.