Polished Mosaics

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Mosaic is a stunning form of natural stone. It is manufactured by combining different types of stones. Thanks to this feature, mosaics are popular among people. The Polished Mosaics are especially elegant and outstanding forms of the natural stones.

Polished Mosaics are made from polished natural stones such as travertines and marbles. This structure of the mosaic puts together different types of natural stones for catching a stylish view on the walls of your house.

Polished Mosaics are unique patterns of natural tones. This type of mosaic is produced from polished natural stones such as marble and travertine. Polished Mosaics are appealing types of natural stones that are ideal materials for wet grounds such as bathrooms and toilets. They also can be preferred for kitchen walls. This natural attraction gathers different beautiful stones for the ornament of your residents. Polished Mosaics can also be used for different places such as hospitals, stores, public buildings, and restaurants. Polished Mosaics are manufactured in Delta Marble Factory in Bilecik. You can also find other forms of Delta Stone Collections such as mouldings and waterjets.