Filled and Honed

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Travertine is a unique natural stone. Thanks to its porous and soft structure, it can be used in various forms. Particularly, filled and honed travertines have an appealing view. It can be used in distinct indoor and outdoor areas.

The best use of this stone can be seen in exterior spaces. It can be preferred for cladding systems. Also, filled and honed travertine can be preferred for gardens. Thanks to its harmonic look with nature, travertines can be used in landscape architecture.

Filled and honed stones are very popular in recent days. This form can be preferred in different areas of your residents and offices. Thanks to its natural texture, people who want a natural harmony in their gardens can prefer this type of natural stone. Travertine is the ideal stone for open space applications. Travertine can be preferred for its wide variety of options for this application. Filled and honed stones can be used with other forms of natural stones that are produced by Delta Marble in Bilecik Facility. Filled and honed travertines can be an excellent choice for the exterior architecture of your projects.