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Limestone is a disparate type of natural stone that can be preferred for many different areas of indoor and outdoor. Limestone has a soft structure rather than other types of natural stones and it can be used for covering systems.

Limestone walls and limestone paving are very proper for outdoor use. In addition, crushed limestone, another type of limestone, can be preferred for interior and exterior uses. Limestone flooring is also a very popular type for high traffic areas of your houses because of its soft structure.

Limestone is a very unique type of natural beauty. It is formed in millions of years in nature. Because of this feature of the stone, it provides your houses a natural harmony. Limestone is preferred too much for covering systems of the buildings rather than flooring and cladding systems because it has a soft and semi-waterproof structure. This use creates a new look for your buildings. With its wide variety, it provides you many different using choices. Also, a different type of limestone can be used together. This type of product can be produced with different thicknesses and sizes regarding your project's recruitments. It is offered to your services with other forms of Delta Stone Collections.