Brushed and Chiselled

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Natural stones have been used for thousands of years by humankind for the construction and design of homes and temples. Thanks to its natural texture, these products can be used in different forms like brushed and chiseled varieties. And in general, travertine is used for this process.

Many different types of travertines can be used in this way. French Pattern Tiles and Opus Pattern Tiles are produced with this process. Brushed and Chiselled tiles can be used in various places for interior and exterior spaces in your home.

Brushed and chiseled stones are produced by using a very ancient technique to catch an authentic ambiance on the walls and floors. Many different types of natural stones can be manufactured in this way. This technique can also be used for kitchens and living rooms. Brushed and chiseled stones create an ancient spirit in your gardens and parks. They have an aged surface that is preferred by many people who wants an authentic view. Additionally, these natural stones look very elegant on your floors. Because of their waterproof structure and soft surface, they can be preferred for wet grounds. Brushed and chiseled marbles give a very unique appearance in your houses.