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Basalt is an elegant natural stone with two different varieties. It creates a contemporary look for your resident. This superior stone can be used in indoor and outdoor places. Particularly, basalt is the ideal construction material for outdoor use thanks to its hard texture.

It is formed over millions of years in nature as basalt rock. It is a popular material for roofs, exterior coating, and garden path flooring. Different varieties such as Colorbond basalt and Dulux basalt can be preferred for the exterior landscaping of your home.

Basalt is a distinctive natural stone in contrast with other types of natural stones. It is used in two varieties including basalt and andesite. Because of their hard structure, they are generally preferred for outdoor use. Such an application provides an elegant look for the exterior of your house. Also, this spectacular stone can be used for garden paths and garden walls. Basalt can also be preferred for landscape architecture. This material can be used for designing parks. It provides modern air due to its opaque and dark tones. The best basalts are produced by Delta Marble in Afyon quarries in various forms ready to be applied in your houses and offices.