Black marble is one of the most favourite marble types in the world. People have been using this marble for thousands of years. Particularly, architects use this marble variety to build magnificent structures. In contrast with other marble types, you can use black natural stone not only for houses and offices but also for larger projects since black marbles can be obtained in huge blocks.

You can use black natural stone for larger flooring and cladding systems. With its simple structure, you can use it in many buildings to catch simple air.

Black marbles have several varieties and these varieties can be classified by their colour tones and manufacturing sites. One of the most distinguished varieties of marble is Toros black marble. These marbles are used in many areas both in our homes and outdoors. Toros black is a high-quality marble type and it has a very stylish structure. It can be used by people who are looking for simplicity and elegance together. Toros black has a darker colour than other black marbles and its veins are less obvious than other marbles. Besides, the best quality Toros black marbles are produced by Delta Marble.

Nero Toros Black Marble Slab
Nero Toros Black Marble Slab

Nero Laurent Black Natural Stones

Another well-known black natural stone marble type is Nero Laurent. This type of marble is preferred by a lot of people to furnish their houses. Nero Laurent has become popular in recent days. This natural stone is a good choice for flooring systems. Thanks to its bright appearance, it gives people a feeling that they are walking on a black mirror. Also, this form of Nero Laurent goes well on the balcony due to its dark tones. You can create a contrast when you use it on a balcony with light colours.

toros black marble
Toros Black Marble 2

Another space for black natural stone is kitchens. You can also prefer it on kitchen walls. This application looks very stylish and can create harmony with kitchen utensils and cabinets having dark colours. Additionally, you can create décors for living rooms as well. If you want to create a more formal mood, black marbles are the ideal materials you are looking for. People use these natural stones in numerous areas in their houses like fireplaces.

Black natural stone is assumed as both a luxury and low-cost design material. You can confidently combine it with other forms of Delta Marble such as white mosaics and mouldings.