Turkey is one of the world’s top quality marble producers and has high quality marble quarries in many different regions.
Marble is one of the indispensable materials in the world of construction and decoration. As an elegant and durable building stone, it combines aesthetics and functionality. Turkey is a globally recognised leader in the production of this special stone. In this article we would like to help you with the best quality marble.
Marble Quarries
Marble Quarries

Turkey’s Marble Heritage

Which is the Best Quality Marble?

Turkey has a rich heritage in marble production and different types of this stone are mined in different regions.

Which are the Best Quality Marble Quarries?


Here are the famous marble regions in Turkey:
1. Burdur Marble Quarries: The Burdur region is famous for its high quality marbles known as Burdur Beji, which is white in colour. These marbles are an elegant reflection of pure white.
2. Afyon Marble Quarries: Afyonkarahisar is one of the largest marble producers in Turkey. It is known for its marble in many colours from white to beige, brown.
3. Marmara Marble Quarries: The Marmara region is famous for its Marmara White marble, which is white in colour and has a luxurious appearance. This marble, which is mined around Istanbul, is frequently used in historical buildings and modern designs.
4. Denizli Marble Quarries : Denizli is another important marble production region offering different colour options. It has a range from white to cream, beige and grey.
5. Izmir Marble Quarries: Izmir and its surroundings is a region with quality marble quarries. It stands out with its colour and pattern diversity.
6. Antalya Marble Quarries : Antalya is another important region where marbles preferred in domestic and foreign markets are produced. The marbles quarried here include colours such as white, beige, brown and black.
Best Quality Marbler
Best Quality Marbler
What Should You Pay Attention To When Choosing A Quality Marble?
When choosing a quality marble, it is important to pay attention to the following factors:
    – Marble Colour and Patterns: The colour and pattern of the marble should meet the aesthetic requirements of your project.
    – Marble and Durability: Although marble is a durable material, it should be suitable for the needs of the area where it will be used.
    – Marble and Maintenance: It is important to understand whether marble requires regular maintenance.
    – Marbles and Marbles Prices: Choosing a marble that fits your budget helps you manage the cost of your project.
Turkey’s marble treasures are frequently used in construction and design projects around the world. This magnificent gift of nature adds value to every project by combining aesthetics and functionality.
The quality of marble quarries in Turkey can vary depending on the type, colours, patterns and intended use of the stones they extract. When choosing a quality marble, it is important to consider the requirements and budget of your project. It is also important to choose a supplier where the stone is processed and quality controlled.
Turkey, with its long history in marble production and quality resources, continues to promote this valuable natural stone worldwide. When choosing a marble that suits the needs and aesthetic requirements of your project, it may be a wise choice to opt for products from one of Turkey’s marble quarries. Visit Delta Marble marble quarries.