There are different types of marbles. We can classify marbles by their colours like white marbles, beige marbles, grey marbles, black marbles, brown marbles, and green marbles. There are different marbles extracted from Turkey and they are widely used in all over the world.  

Marble is one of the most beautiful and luxury stones that is used in many commercial and residential projects in the world. Marble is a metamorphic rock that has been transformed over time by heat and pressure. As a result of this process, we can see a great number of marbles around the world. One of them is Afyon, Turkey where we extract various types of marbles from quarries. Here is the list of some well-known marbles:

White Marbles

Carrara Marbles: This stone is popular with its white colour. It is the most extracted marble in the market which makes it the most cost-effective stone for residences. It has a grey & white background and some linear grey veins. It is used in sculptures and as a building décor. It can also be used in bathrooms to give a clean and fresh view.

Calacatta Marbles: Calacatta is a natural stone and it has similarities with Carrara marble, but it has several distinct characteristics. Calacatta marble has a white colour with dark veins in large patterns. Since this is a rare stone, it is known as a luxury marble.

Types Of Marble
Types Of Marble

Beige Marbles

There are many varieties of beige marbles, and the colour of this stone comes from cream and ivory. This gives a peaceful look to any resident. Some varieties of beige marbles are Classic Beige, Diana beige, Likia Beige, Novano Beige, and Roman Beige.

Light Emprador: Light Emprador has a lighter tone and it can be used to create an elegant look in your residents. It typically has thin grains and non-uniform veins. Thanks to its dark colour, it can be used on high-traffic floors.

Grey Marbles

Grey marbles have natural tones with a different range of colours. Its colour scale range from pearl tones to silver and grey. It is used in places where quietness and tranquillity are desired. There are different varieties of grey marbles like Bardigilio Grey and Tundra Grey.

Black Marbles

Another distinguished type of marble is black marbles. The background colours of the black marbles may contain different varieties of black, and veins of different colours. Types of black marbles are: Toros Black, Black Cloudy.

Black is generally associated with luxury. This type of marble is recommended to be used in brightly lit residents and spacious areas.

Brown Marbles

Brown marbles can be used in different applications since it is an all-around product. Brown is recommended to be used in heavily used areas like the living room and the kitchen.

Types of brown marbles are Dark Emperador and Light Emperador not to mention the Rain Forest Brown.

Green Marbles

The green marble gives a calm, fresh, and tropical ambiance. The stone generally has white veins. The variety of green marble is the Verde Guatemala Green.

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