The history of white marble goes to ancient times. It has been used for thousands of years by people for the construction of monuments. Beginning from the ancient civilizations, the marble with light colour has been the most preferred natural stone. Thanks to its light tones and colour options, this stone is ideal for designing structures and buildings.

Particularly in Ottoman civilization, architects of that time used this stone for constructing huge and magnificent buildings like palaces and mosques. Up to the 1940s, this type of natural stone was used as a mass construction material for large projects. Beginning from the 1940s, people have noticed that these materials can be used for interior design and fine décors. After this time, natural stone has become a design material for residences.

Colour Options

We can offer numerous natural stone types that are used by architects and designers. With their light tones, these stones create a spacious view in your house. You can design your space to catch a more flexible mood. With its white tones, this type of marble can be combined with many colour options and it can be used as a contrast colour with more dark tones. Please visit our website for other white marbles.

In recent days, natural stone has been very popular among end-users. Thanks to the variety it has, designers prefer this type of natural stone. For example, Afyon Calacatta and Ibiza White have high popularity when it comes to design your home. Particularly, Afyon Calacatta is an ideal marble for your bathroom and restroom. You can use it to create fresh air in those spaces. Natural stones with the best quality are manufactured in Afyon marble quarries by Delta Marble. These stones are still used in some of the famous Afyon public baths for catching that genuine air. When you are planning to use white marble in the bathroom, Delta Marble will offer you the best marble for your design.

White Marble Photo 2
White Marble

Another most popular white marble is Bianco Dolomite. This variety is ideal for toilets and bathrooms. Thanks to its waterproof structure and stylish look, it is preferred for office toilets. Also, we can list the Bianco Dolomite as the ideal marble type with its plain view and reasonable price.

White Marble Photo
White Marble 2

The other favourite natural stone is Afyon Sugar. This marble is very popular and it’s authentic and natural texture is ideal for commercial and residential projects. This marble variety has a natural view with its brown veins on a white background. You can use it in any space within the house. Like other white marbles, Afyon Sugar is manufactured by Delta Marble with the best possible quality. You can combine it with other forms of Delta Stone Collection such as mosaics and mouldings.