Blasting stone is a flooring material obtained by making the surface of natural stones irregular and rough by certain methods. These stones are frequently used in various structures and decorations to provide a natural appearance. Blasting stones are frequently used in floor coverings, wall coverings, fireplace and barbecue surroundings, kitchen and bathroom flooring. The places where it is used for blasting stone flooring and the types of blasting stones are detailed below:

Blasted stone wall tiling and flooring
Blasted stone wall tiling and flooring


What are the Usage Areas of Blasting Stone Flooring?

Blasting Stone Flooring: Blasting stones are used in outdoor flooring such as garden paths, terraces, pool edges. It provides a safe walking area thanks to its non-slip surfaces.
Blasting Stone Wall Slabs: It is used as a decorative element in indoor and outdoor wall coverings. While it offers an aesthetic appearance in areas such as living rooms and living rooms indoors, it creates a natural texture on building facades outdoors.
Blasting Stone Fireplace and Barbecue Surroundings: Blasting stones are used around fireplaces and barbecues because they are heat resistant. It offers both a functional and aesthetic solution.
Blasting Stone Kitchen and Bathroom: It can be used for decorative purposes between kitchen countertops and on bathroom walls. It is resistant to water and moisture.


 What are the Advantages of Blasting Stones?

 Natural Appearance: Blasting stones provide a natural and organic appearance and add a rustic atmosphere to the spaces.
 Durability: It is a long-lasting flooring material thanks to the robust structure of natural stones.
 Non-Slip Surface: It offers a safe use especially in outdoor flooring thanks to its non-slip surface.
 Aesthetic Diversity: It offers a wide range of decoration projects with different colour and texture options.
Blasted stone flooring adds value to spaces with its aesthetic and functional features and reflects the beauty of natural stones.
Blasting mosaic, decorative blasting stone products, usually behind the TV unit, garden walls, vestibule, building entrance wall, stone wall panels are frequently preferred.
Blasted stone wall tiling and flooring


 Which Blasting Stones are Used for Blasting Stone Flooring?

Areas used for blasting stone flooring:
Travertine Blasting Stone: Travertine is frequently preferred both indoors and outdoors thanks to its natural structure and colour variety. It is especially common in wall coverings.
Marble Blasting Stone: The natural shine and aesthetic appearance of marble is frequently used in interior flooring and wall coverings. It creates a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.
Limestone Blasting Stone: Limestone provides a natural and rustic look. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Basalt Blasting Stone: It is widely used in outdoor flooring with its durability and modern appearance.
Granite Blasting Stone: Thanks to its hard and durable structure, it is preferred in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic. It is used in both floor and wall coverings.
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