Blasting stone is a type of natural stone that is frequently used especially in outdoor decorations and architectural projects. Frequently asked questions about the use and properties of blasting stone are as follows:

Blasting Stone
Blasting Stone

 Most Asked Questions About Blasting Stone


Most Asked Questions About Blasting Stone

What is Blasting Stone?
Blasted stone is a type of decorative stone obtained by cutting natural stones in a certain way and blasting their surface. Its surface is irregular and rough, which gives it a natural and rustic look.
For Which Purposes is Blasting Stone Used?
Blasting stones are generally used in exterior cladding, garden walls, fireplace surrounds, walkways and landscaping projects. It can also be preferred as decorative wall coverings indoors.
What are the Advantages of Blasting Stone?
   Blasting stone provides an aesthetic appearance, is durable and maintenance-free. It also provides a natural insulation, which contributes to energy savings.
From Which Kind of Natural Stones is Blasting Stone Obtained?
Blasting stones are usually obtained from various natural stones such as marble, travertine, limestone, granite and basalt.
What are the Colour Options of Blasting Stone?
Blasting stones can be found in various colours such as white, beige, grey, black, brown, green and red, depending on the type of stone.
How to Mount Blasting Stone?
Blasting stones are mounted on the wall surface using special adhesives or mortar. It is recommended to be applied by a professional master, because it is important that the stones are placed smoothly and firmly.
How to Maintain Blasting Stone?
 Patlatma taşlar genellikle düşük bakım gerektirir. Sadece düzenli olarak temizlenmeleri yeterlidir. Doğal taş temizleyiciler ve yumuşak fırçalar kullanılarak temizlenebilir.
What are the Costs of Blasting Stone?
Blasting stones are generally low maintenance. They only need to be cleaned regularly. They can be cleaned using natural stone cleaners and soft brushes.
What is the Durability of Blasting Stone?
Blasting stones are very durable because they are natural stones. When installed correctly, they can last for many years.

What are the Environmental Impacts of Blasting Stone?

Blasting stones are environmentally friendly because they are natural stones. They are minimally processed during their production and can be recycled.

Why is blasting stone preferred for wall cladding and decoration?

Blasted stones are a frequently preferred material in wall cladding and decoration due to their aesthetics, durability, ease of maintenance, variety of applications, environmental friendliness and economic benefits. These features enable blasting stones to find a wide range of uses in both residential and commercial projects.

What should users pay attention to?
Quality: The quality of the blasted stone is important for the success of the project. Homogeneous and durable stones should be preferred.
Application: Professional application is critical for the longevity and aesthetic appearance of the stones.
Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance preserve the beauty and durability of the stones
Where and how can I get Blasting Stone?

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Blasting stones offer a natural and aesthetic decoration option and, when used correctly, provide a long-lasting and stylish solution both indoors and outdoors.
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