Turkey is one of the leading countries in world marble production and exports. The country is known for its high quality and variety of marble types. Marble suppliers in Turkey offer a wide range of products and these suppliers provide marble for projects worldwide.


Turkey Marble Suppliers
Turkey Marble Suppliers

Leading Marble Production Regions for Turkish Marble Suppliers

Marmara Island: It is famous for its white marble production.
Afyon: In addition to the classic white marble, marble of various colours is produced.
Burdur: Known for its beige marble production.
Denizli: It stands out with travertine production.
Mugla: White and grey marble is produced.

 Delta Marble Company, One of Turkey’s Leading Marble Suppliers

 Delta Marble, one of the largest marble manufacturers and marble suppliers in Turkey, is known for its wide product range and high production capacity. It offers various marble and travertine products. It is known for its travertine, white marble and other types of coloured marble. It specialises in different types of marble and has a wide export network. It extracts marble from different regions of Afyonkarahisar, the most important marble deposits of Turkey, and exports it by processing. It has high technology in the production of Turkish marble. It has expert staff in marble supply.


Turkey Marble Types
Turkey Marble Types


Marble Types and Usage Areas
 White Marble: It is especially used in sculpture, monument and interior decoration.
 Beige Marble: Ideal for floor coverings, wall coverings and countertops.
 Travertine: Widely used for outdoor cladding, pool surrounds and landscape design.
 Emperador Marble: It is preferred in luxury interior designs.
Turkey Marble Exports and Marketing
Turkey has a significant share in marble exports. Major export markets include China, India, the United States, Italy and Saudi Arabia. Turkish marble is in high demand in the world market in terms of quality, durability and aesthetics.


 Things to Consider When Choosing a Marble Supplier
Quality The quality and homogeneity of the marble.
Price: Competitive pricing.
Logistics: Delivery time and logistics services.
References: Previous projects and customer references.
Variety: Wide range of products and colour options.
Turkish marble is a globally recognised and preferred product in terms of both aesthetics and durability. When choosing a supplier, you can choose the most suitable one for your needs by paying attention to the above factors.
Turkey is a major player in the world marble market and stands out in the global marble sector for several reasons:



 Turkish Marble and Its Place in the World Marble Market
Production Capacity: Turkey has about 40% of the world’s marble reserves and is among the world’s largest producers with its annual marble production. There are more than 1500 marble quarries and over 2000 marble processing plants in the country.
Diversity: Turkey is known for its variety of marble, offering a wide range of colours and patterns. There are marble types in white, beige, grey, black, brown, green and many other shades. This diversity allows to respond to different aesthetic demands for various projects.
Quality Turkish marble is known for its high quality. It is in demand worldwide for its homogeneous structure, durability and aesthetic beauty.
Exports: Turkey is at the forefront of world marble exports. Major export markets include China, India, the United States, Italy and Saudi Arabia. Marble accounts for a large portion of Turkey’s total natural stone exports.
Cost Effectiveness: Turkey has the capacity to offer high quality marble at competitive prices. This makes it attractive for international projects.
 Leading Turkish Marble Types
Marmara White: This marble quarried from Marmara Island is one of the most beautiful examples of classical white marble.
Afyon White: Produced in the Afyon region, this marble is especially popular in interior decorations.
Burdur Beige: This beige coloured marble is widely used in floor and wall coverings.
Denizli Travertine: It is world-famous among travertine varieties and is frequently preferred for outdoor coatings.
Muğla White: It produces marbles in white and grey tones.
 Turkey’s Strengths in terms of Marble Quality and Types
 Strategic Location: Being located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa provides logistical advantages.
 Advanced Processing Technologies: Modern marble processing technologies and innovative production techniques are used.
 Experienced Labour Force: Long years of experience and knowledge in the sector ensures quality production.


Global Competition in Marble
Turkey is in competition with other major producing countries such as Italy, Spain, China and India. In order to maintain its competitive advantage, it is important to continuously improve quality, reduce costs and respond quickly to customer demands.
As a result, the Turkish marble industry has an important place in the world market with a wide range of products, high quality and competitive prices, and Turkey continues to maintain and develop this position. Delta Marble is a leading marble producer and marble supplier in Turkey. It exports to many countries abroad.
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