Natural Marble in Turkey

Natural marble is a variety of natural stones. It is a metamorphic rock that is composed of carbonate minerals, generally calcite and dolomite. In geology, the term natural stone and travertine means metamorphosed limestone, but in general natural marble encompasses non-metamorphosed limestone. Natural stones and travertines are used in sculpture and as a building material […]

Types of Grey Marble

Architects prefer to use specifically one type of marble. This is called grey marble. This marble is distinct from other types of marbles with its colour. The grey marble has grey shades. Constructors and architects prefer these marble types for commercial and residential projects. Marble has been used for construction for thousands of years. People use […]

Turkish Travertine and Marble

Travertine marble is a type of natural stone comprising of mineral springs, specifically hot springs. It often has a fibrous or concentric view. Turkish natural marble is also available in white, cream colour, and rusty varieties. It was used in ancient buildings and temples very often. And, people in ancient ages used this building material […]


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What is Natural Stones?

Natural Stones is a beauty that has been waiting for you for a million years. Natural Stones is healthy; It has a reviving structure. By touching it the stress is reduced and gives you a feeling that’s unmatched among its peers. Natural stones is an ideal material for eco buildings. This reduces the environmental effects […]