Where is Marble Used?

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 Where is Marble Used? Marble is used in many different areas due to its aesthetic appearance, durability and versatility. Here are the architectural and decorative areas where marble is widely used: Architectural Usage Areas: Flooring:     Marble flooring is widely used both indoors and outdoors due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. It is […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Marble

What is Marble?

The most frequently asked questions about marble are generally centred around the following topics: These questions are frequently asked by a wide audience, from those looking for general information about marble to those who plan to use marble in a special project. We have shared the answers to these questions with you. Please check our […]

Marble, Marble Types and Marble Grades

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Marble is one of the most eye-catching and popular natural stones. Used in architecture and decoration for centuries, marble attracts attention with its durability, aesthetic appearance and diversity. What is marble? What are the types of marble? How to understand the quality of marbles. In which areas is marble most preferred and used in the […]

Blasting Stone and Mosaic Stone: The Meeting of Natural Stone with Art

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Natural stones have been used as building materials for centuries and have come to the fore with their aesthetic values. Some of these stones, especially blasting stones and mosaic stones, attract attention with their naturalness and decorative features. Information about the production of blasting stones and mosaic stones, their usage areas and production regions in […]

Tundra Gray Marble: The Perfect Harmony of Aesthetics and Naturalness

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Tundra Gray Marble is a type that stands out among natural stones as back marble and is preferred in many construction and decoration projects with its aesthetic appearance. What is Tundra Gray Marble? Tundra Gray Marble is a type of natural stone marble that contains various shades of gray. It is known for its natural […]

Where Natural Beauty and Durability Meet: Travertine Floor Covering

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There are many factors that shape the atmosphere of our home, residence, villa or workplace, and flooring is one of the most important of these elements. With its aesthetic appearance, durability and natural structure, travertine flooring offers an excellent option for those who want to add elegance to interiors and exteriors. What is Travertine Flooring? […]

Marble Cladding: The Perfect Match in Aesthetics and Durability

Marble Cladding: Advantages of Marble Facades

Marble, which embodies the elegance of nature, stands out as a unique material in the world of construction and decoration. In particular, marble coating offers durability and long-lasting use as well as providing an aesthetic touch to the spaces. Let’s consider in detail what marble coating is, how it is made, which marble types are […]

Travertine Stone: Stone that adds aesthetics to your houses, mansions and villas

Points to Consider before Purchasing Travertine

In nature, magnificent and durable materials have been formed over the centuries. One of these materials is travertine stone. Travertine stones are known for their visual beauty, warm colours, unique patterns and natural texture. The formation of travertine stone, its extraction, processing, types, usage areas and its place in residential architecture are important. Formation of […]