Can we classify onyx as a marble? How onyx is formed? Where can I use onyx in my design? What should I do for the maintenance of onyx?

Onyx refers to a parallel banded variety of silicate mineral chalcedony. It is formed of bands of chalcedony in alternating colours.

Onyx is translucent and generally comes in different colours like honey, green, and red. Since it is translucent, it allows the light to pass through. The level of translucency varies among onyx slabs and is dependent on the colour, thickness, and surface finish. You can make it honed or polished for a high gloss. Another incredible feature of onyx is its waves and circle patterns. It typically has a wide range of yellow hues as a result of iron deposits, but there are some different colours like green, white, orange, gold, pink, and brown.

The name “onyx” comes from Roman mythology, the Goddess of Beauty. Onyx is different from marble. When we look from the outside, it is difficult to distinguish from marble, but onyx is transparent and marble is not. Marble is extracted from layers close to the surface of the earth, but onyx is extracted from layers much deeper than marble.

How Onyx is Formed?

Onyx is deposited by dripping water movement followed by evaporation between the drops. This action deposits calcium carbonate from the water on the formation. Thus, we can say that onyx is also a chemical sedimentary stone.

Areas Where Onyx is Used

We see that onyx is typically used as a decorative stone. When it is backlit, it looks even more gorgeous. Since it is translucent, light shines through onyx.

Onyx is used most often as a fireplace surround material or bar top. It can be used as a cabochon or a building material. Onyx is also used in small items like bowls, vases, wine goblets, and lambs.

Maintenance of Onyx

Onyx has three points on Moh’s hardness scale. This means that onyx is a very soft stone and can scratch easily. Onyx is also vulnerable to acid, ammonia, or alcohol. However, onyx surfaces can be re-honed and re-polished to remove such stains or scratches. This outstanding beauty is not for everybody because of its maintenance. If you know how to care about this material and its limitations, it can be a good choice for you.

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