Limestone is a sedimentary rock. It is formed by around fifty percent terrigenous materials such as crystals, rocks, and fossil fragments. Limestone is formed in oceans and rivers over millions of years.

Limestone facades are permeable, matt, and porous. This stone is preferred especially for ventilated faces in construction. Its low thermal conductivity value enables it to act as an insulator in extreme weather.  Limestone panels are used in external walls of different buildings. You can see that some public buildings have been covered with this stone. We see different limestone applications such as interior and exterior paving, facades, stairs, indoor applications.

The primary use of limestone in construction is in facades. You can see office blocks, shopping centres, public buildings, and private houses that have been covered with limestone. We can see limestone applications in exterior walls and interior renovations. These limestone applications add visual appeal to the buildings that would normally look dull.

Advantages of Using Limestone as a Cladding Stone

Care and Maintenance: Since limestone is such a simple stone, it doesn’t need any specific care. It is extensively used in outdoor applications and it has good resistance to damp and weather conditions.

Colour and Appearance: The colour of limestone ranges from pure white, beige to subtle brown and blue. Limestone is resistant to UV lights and thus preserves its colours like at the beginning. Since it has a matt and neutral look, you can combine it with darker materials. It is also a great option for building faces as they can be carved and shaped relatively easily.

Using Limestone as a Cladding Material

Fire Resistance: When you put limestone into the fire, it doesn’t emit any smoke or toxic substances. This makes it a good choice for buildings.

Unique Design: Since it is formed in nature over a long period, each limestone stone has its own characteristics. Thanks to a wide range of textures, you’ll have more options when designing projects.

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