Travertine has several characteristics such as its texture, finish, durability, colors, and physical characteristics.

According to Wikipedia, travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs. Travertine is one of the most used stones in today’s buildings. Travertines can be utilized in different applications including floor and wall such as countertops, building exteriors, patios, etc. In this blog post, we will discuss some main characteristics of travertine:

* The structure of travertine is uniform, and it has a soft texture with low hardness. Thanks to these characteristics, it is easy to mine and process. The density of travertine is also low, this makes it easy to transport. Another prominent feature of this stone is the holes on it. This gives the stone an aged and weathered appearance.

* It has different finishes including glossy finish, honed finish, brushed finish, and textured finish. Among them, the honed and matte finish is the most popular because they are flat and smooth.

* The durability of travertine makes it a popular building material for centuries. It’s always better to observe the durability by looking at one of the most famous buildings like the Roman Coliseum. Travertine’s compact resistance makes it an ideal material for heavy usage areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

Main Characteristics of Travertine

* Travertine has many shades of beige and brown. The colour ranges from white to dark brown or grey. Most travertines are a blend of these colours. Travertine can be confused with marble due to marbled patterns within it when you cross-cut travertine.

* This stone doesn’t get hot easily. It is difficult for heat to go through the travertine. Since the travertine can remain cool, you can safely apply it outside like patios.

* It is safe to use travertine on the floor. People sometimes worry about allergens accumulating on the carpet or wooden floors. On the other hand, with flooring made from travertine tiles, you will get a hypoallergenic floor and it will not collect any pet dander or pollen. It is easy to clean usually with a regular vacuum cleaner.

* It is one of the best options in humid environments like bathrooms or kitchens since it is naturally porous and breathable.

* It costs less than other natural stones. This means you will get this outstanding beauty at reasonable prices.

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