We have several options to use marble for home design. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, garden, and you can also use dining tables, coffee tables, and accessories made from marble. When you choose marble in your house, you wouldn’t regret it.

Marble is a precious material that will add luxury and beauty to your home. It is also one of the favourite materials thanks to its versatility.

Strictly speaking, marble isn’t a low-cost material. However, if you reflect your taste with a little bit of marble for your home design, it will add much more value to your home than any other material.

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Marble Products for Interior Home Design

Designing your interiors with marble could be tough. This is because it is difficult to adapt marble into your home design. Another point to consider is to accurately evaluate the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the marble to be used. Besides, with the right support you will create the design according to your budget.

There is a great number of spaces where you can use marble including kitchens, bathrooms, gardens, dining and coffee tables, and decorations.

Marble Kitchens                                                                                                

Even though it’s been an old practice to use marble on countertops, it doesn’t lose its popularity for kitchen design. With its unique pattern, you can create your own look with different colour options. Marble will create a classic view on your kitchen bench. It would look amazing and classy.

Maybe, classic is best for home design. It is not a surprise to see marble in many kitchens and bathrooms. Durable, clean, and fresh-looking materials are perfect for kitchen counter or splashback.

If you are looking for a smooth kitchen design, marble backsplash could be a good choice for you. And also, it is easy to clean. You can also use coloured marble to reflect the contrast between multiple colours. It could be great to use black marble and white all together in a kitchen design.

On the other hand, marble isn’t totally ideal since it could be easily scratched and not heat-resistant. To eliminate these drawbacks, you can use honed marble with a matt finish.

Marble Bathrooms

Bathrooms are another space in the home where marble is seen a lot. You can use marble in many areas of the bathroom like walls, countertops, floors, sinks, and bathtubs.

If you are not willing to use marble on your bathroom walls or floors, maybe you could add the luxury coming from marble with a marble sink.

You could try marble with metallic components to give a spa-like feel. Metal faucets and other design elements like pendant lighting will give a more luxury look.

If you cover your bathroom with marble on floors, counter, and shower area, you will keep it clean, modern, simple, and bright. How about using a marble sink for your bathroom? You can pair with a wall-mount faucet to complete the look.

Marble in the Garden

When you decide to use marble in the garden, you need to choose the correct marble for your design. A marble which is a good choice for a kitchen wouldn’t fit for a garden. Polished marbles are not the best choice for outdoor use as the polish can easily wear off due to weather. Also, marbles with polished finish could get easily slippery when it is wet.

Another point to consider is the size of the tile. When the tile becomes larger, the area will look more spacious. With smaller tiles, you can utilise from mosaics, and this will create a unique atmosphere in your garden.

Marble is a stone that can make the outdoor space elegant, stylish, and sophisticated. When you choose the right appearance for your desired outdoor space and maintain the stone properly, you will enjoy it for years.

Marble Dining Tables

You can make a simple and elegant touch to your dining room with a marble table. If you want to make other décors in the room simple and neutral, then you will reveal the stone’s beauty.

Marble is a good investment to add a timeless feel to your living space. Even though it may strain your budget, you may choose smaller table sets made from marble.

We have limitless options for dining tables. With the correct marble colour together with a matching design element, you would get outstanding style options. How about using marble with wood for dining tables? A white marble top for the table with wooden chairs and colourful lamps would dazzle your guests.

Marble tabletops can be supplied with various natural colour options. You can create a modern, contemporary, or classic, antique look with the marble type chosen.

Marble Coffee Tables

When you combine the aesthetic beauty of marble with other elements inside the room, you will create an eye-catching design. There are several advantages to have a coffee table in your home. Marble coffee tables are the most resistant ones in the market. The surface of the table isn’t easy to scratch and the marble coffee table can take a large amount of weight on it.

You can create a contrast with a marble coffee table. If you think your living room is too dark due to the furniture chosen or it doesn’t receive enough light, then you can lighten it up with a coffee table with white marble.

Maybe you want to choose furniture that will blend in with the actual décor. It’s a good idea to match the colour of the marble coffee table with the actual design of the room. Otherwise, it will point out negatively. For example, if you have a brown couch and you want to put a coffee table having black marble on top with metal legs, this may not be as attractive as you think.

Marble Decorations

As we discussed before, marble is an expensive material. To be budget-friendly, you can consider applying marble in small quantities. From bedroom to the living room, you will bring luxury to your home with lighting, tableware, and other decorative accessories.

When it comes to accessories, you can add one or two marble pieces to the room. A marble clock would be a great choice for your living room or bedroom. Marble candleholders are super choices for dining tables.

How about using a lamp with a marble base? The glow of the lamp matches elegantly with the cool and luxury stone.

Explore all marble types at our Marble web page.

As can be seen from the details above, there is a lot to check out for marble design options. At Delta Marble, we have a wide variety of marbles for your taste. Please check out our website for our product range or give us a call to personally get information about the best ideas for your design. Or you can visit our showroom in Istanbul.