Travertine is a unique natural stone that is formed naturally over millions of years. This natural building and decoration material can be applied in various types and forms. Travertine pavers are exported from Turkey to many countries all around the world like Australia, England, Canada, etc. Travertine is a maintenance-friendly product which is preferred for exterior architecture.

This spectacular stone gives you many different types of nonfading colors on a soft and sturdy surface. Travertine pavers are popular among contractors all around the world in recent years thanks to its low erosion surface and natural texture.

Travertine pavers are ideal building and decoration material for outdoor construction. These decoration materials have a natural and harmonic view for your gardens and parks. Travertine pavers are ideal materials for lawns in your open areas and it can be easily combined with your greenfield. To give an example Golden Travertine paver creates a harmonic view with your gardens and greenfields. This type of construction material is used in patios. Besides, it can be preferred for the exterior façade of your houses. Thanks to their natural texture and many different colors, travertine pavers can be easily applied for your outdoor places.

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Travertine Paver Usages

Historical Background

Travertine has been used as a popular construction material for thousands of years. These natural products have been used for a great number of magnificent and famous buildings and structures in history. This stone was preferred as travertine pavers and slabs. It also has been used as a larger construction material for bigger projects in ancient ages. In Rome and Ancient Greek, Travertine was a very popular construction and design material. Like in history, this natural stone is used for many different surfaces and grounds today. It is preferred for flooring and cladding systems of exterior and interior architecture. Using travertine pavers will give you a very elegant and stylish look for your living spaces.

Recent Usage Areas

Travertine pavers are also used for business centers and offices. Thanks to its natural texture, travertine pavers can be used for restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. Travertine pavers are ideal construction materials for creating an authentic space. Thank its natural concept, people who want an ancient and authentic view can prefer this natural product for their projects. Travertine pavers have been produced from various types of travertine and they are offered for your services with the most qualified stocks. This great stone is an elegant and stylish construction material for your commercial and residential projects.

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