The name of marble comes from Marmara Island because of the first quarries in history. Therefore, natural stones are produced as a very qualified and popular design material in Turkey. One of the most known types is Afyon sugar white, in other words, Afyon Sugar White. Sugar white is very proper design and construction material for your houses.

Different Using Areas of Sugar Marble

Sugar marble is a very popular construction material for your houses and offices. This natural stone has some different features. Because of these features, architects prefer Afyon sugar white for creating a different view in your houses. This natural product, especially, can be preferred for bathrooms and toilets. It is very suitable for flooring and cladding systems. Also, this natural beauty can be used to produce some different furniture. Moreover, it can be used for kitchen countertops. In addition, when Afyon sugar white is used for toilets and bathrooms sinks, it creates a very natural and authentic view in your houses.

Sugar Marble Photo 2
Sugar Marble

Outdoor Use of Sugar Marble

Another using area of Afyon sugar white is gardens and balconies. When this type is used for garden paths and walls, it adds your gardens an air that is very compatible with nature. Also, it can be preferred for veranda floors. Because of its light colors, it does not overheat on sunny days. In addition, Afyon sugar white is a very appropriate flooring material for terraces and balconies. It is a very suitable design material for external areas of your houses.

Sugar Marble Photo 1
Sugar Marble 2

Combinations of Sugar Marble

In order to catch a different view in your houses, Afyon sugar white can be combined with different types of natural stones. For example, it can be combined with light brown colors such as Marron Emperador, Mediterranean Emperador, and Roman Beige. These uses add a very contemporary look to your houses and offices. In addition, sugar marble can be used as a contrast color with dark marble types such as Nero Laurent, Dark Emperador, and Cloudy Atlas.

The most qualified sugar marble is produced in Afyon marble quarries by Delta Marble. In addition, this natural beauty is presented with different forms of Delta Stone Collections tor your services.