There are many natural stone types in Turkey. Because of the historical experience of Turkish natural stone suppliers, this sector is very advanced in Turkey. Many different types of natural construction products are presented to consumers’ services. In addition, many different forms of these natural products are produced as design materials. One of the most popular types is Turkish beige marble types.

These natural stones are very handy for your residential and commercial projects. Moreover, Turkish beige marble can be preferred for your houses. These products are very proper for your floor and walls. People can catch many different moods in their houses by using this natural beauty.

Turkish Beige Marble Photo 2
Turkish Beige Marble 

Types of Turkish Beige Marble

There are many different types of Turkish natural stones. One of the most known types is Burdur Pearl. This natural product has a very simple and soft look. It has a very clean and light surface. This natural stone can be used for many places in your houses. Also, it can be combined many different forms of Delta Stone Collections such as dark brown colors. Another very popular form of Turkish natural stone is Diana Beige. These products have different colors of natural waves on a soft beige background. Diana Beige is a very proper design material for indoor and outdoor applications. Also, it can be combined with dark color marble types in order to catch contrast colors. Moreover, this natural beauty can be used in other forms of Turkish natural stones such as Novena Antique Beige and Novena Beige.

Turkish Beige Marble Photo 1
Turkish Beige Marble 2

Using Areas of Turkish Beige Marble

Turkish natural stone can be used for many different areas in your houses. It can be preferred for your bathrooms and toilets. Especially, Capuccino Marble is a very proper design material for bathroom floors. Also, this type of Turkish natural stone can be preferred in other areas of your houses such as salon and living room floors. Another type, Platin Cream can be used for bathroom and toilets. It can be preferred as a bathroom and toilets sink. In addition, this type can be used for kitchen countertops.

Producing Areas of Turkish Natural Stone

Turkish natural stone is produced in Afyon marble quarries as a very qualified design material. They are also can be produced in many different sizes and thicknesses such as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm and 3cm regarding your project’s requirements. Common slabs thicknesses are 2cm and 3cm. Turkish natural stone can also be combined with other forms of Delta Stone Collections such as mosaics and moldings.