Marble has been used since ancient times. Nowadays, we can see that marble is the most frequently used type of stone in architecture and sculpture.

Marble is formed with metamorphic processes of sedimentary stones. Various minerals with influence the final colour. So, during the formation phase, each marble will gain a unique colour and tone.

Advantages of Marble Facades
Advantages of Marble Facades

Which Marble Should We Use?

You can find a marble for any type of building facade. With the help of different types of marble finish, we can make any surface with a finish that suits the use it will be given. We have sandblasted or flamed that can be used on the exterior. Honed or polished finishes having low porosity will have a smooth surface. Or you can choose aged finishes for marble.


  • Since marble is a metamorphic stone, it ensures great heat resistance. It can reflect the light and it doesn’t lose its beauty over time. The marble will increase the value of your property over time. Also, if there is any damage due to improper use or accident, you can perform renovation or restoration without any relocation. Therefore, it will be a great decision to cover a building with this material.
  • Different varieties and colours give the confidence of creating and designing custom projects. And it will bring a limitless aesthetic and style to the exterior of your building.
  • When time goes by, it doesn’t affect the marble. When you compare it with other materials, you will see that it is much more long-lasting.

Ventilated Facades

A ventilated facade is created by fixing a metal structure to the main building where a stone covering is attached. This is separated from the facade. This aerated space will contribute to the insulation of the building. This facade system may have a high-cost due to the need for stone slabs with a minimum thickness of 3 cm.

Glued Facades

In this option, you should glue directly to the wall with marble slabs with a thickness of around 1.3 cm. This will improve the cost and weight of the facade as opposed to the ventilated facade. Glued facades are certainly the most advantageous option in terms of costs.

In the exterior, you can choose ventilated facades that can provide optimal thermal isolation for the building. You can also cover the terrace, garden spaces, and swimming pools.

If you are planning to use marble facades on your building, we have limitless marble facade options and colours with the experience of Delta Marble. Our expert team will help you decide on the right choice for marble cladding. Please give us a call or visit our showroom in Istanbul. We will be more than happy to help you.