You have numerous options when you want natural stones as a wall panel. It has multiple advantages like its weather-resistant features, aesthetic view, and unique character. We have several natural stones that can be applied as wall panels including granite, limestone, marble, or travertine.

When it comes to wall covering you have different options. One of them is concrete which is widely used in wall cladding applications. However, you have better options like natural stone wall panels. Then, why could natural stone be a good choice for your design?

Natural Stone Wall Panels
Natural Stone Wall Panels


Let’s start with the advantages of natural stones as wall panels. Most of the natural stones are known for their weather-resistant characteristics. They are much more stable, and they can be easily installed. Besides, some stone coverings have mesh to support the material. And also, it ensures an ideal adhesion. We know that natural stones are heat-resistant. And marbles are preferred in hot climates.
Another advantage of natural stones as a wall panel is their aesthetic view. When you prefer to use natural stones as a wall cladding system, you will create a special ambiance for your resident. And this will increase the value of your property. Some people love classic residents and some love contemporary buildings. With the help of natural stone wall panels, you can create both.

By the way, we should emphasize the unique character of stones being used. Since natural stones are extracted from the soil with its unique appearance, each stone doesn’t look like anothe. This creates a genuine view for your wall cladding. Natural fading colours and tones, traces of fossils, grains, and veins make each natural stone unique.
Natural stone wall panels are easy to maintain. We talked about the durability of natural stones. With proper and small maintenance, you can preserve the beauty of cladding for years.

Types of Natural Stones Used in Wall Cladding

When you want to use natural stones for wall cladding, you can have several options like granite, limestone, and sandstone.

If you want to create an authentic and fresh view in your interior spaces, marble, granite, or travertine walls could be worth trying.

Areas Where Natural Stone Wall Panels Used

You can use natural stone wall panels in your home entrance. In this way, you would create a good impression for your guests. Besides, you can use wall cladding in your kitchen to create a natural and gorgeous view on your walls. When you want to use natural stone in your living room you can create an active look with those thin and rectangular pieces of tiles. Another popular application is to use natural stone wall cladding in the bathroom. It creates a genuine view for your bathroom. You can also create a 3D effect with natural stones on any wall of your home.

For the exterior design, you can use granite with its modern look. You can also choose to see natural stones in the stairs, and you will be amazed by the décor it creates. Outdoor areas could be the best space for wall cladding.
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