There are several questions to ask while buying travertine. These questions relate to the hardness of the travertine, your budget, appearance, asking for samples, and purchasing extra tiles.

Travertine is a stone from the limestone family. The specific characteristics of travertine are its porous surface. This stone was used back in the ancient Roman era. Today, it is widely used in the construction industry. In this article, we will discuss points that you should consider when choosing the right travertine.

What Hardness Level of the Travertine You Want?

In case you are looking for smooth travertine, then you should choose soft travertine. On the other hand, if you prioritize durability, then choose hard travertine. If you are not sure whether it’s soft or hard travertine, then take a small piece of broken stone, try to break apart it. If it breaks apart easily, it is most probably made from soft travertine. When you are planning to apply it on the floor as a tile, then it’s a good idea to choose hard travertine.

What’s Your Budget?

Hard travertines have a higher quality compared to softer ones. It is also more expensive than soft travertines.

Colour variation between tiles determines the price of the travertine. If there are fewer variations, the price will be higher, more variations mean the price will be low.

Points to Consider before Purchasing Travertine
Points to Consider before Purchasing Travertine

How Do You Want It to Appear?

You should determine the type of finish that you require for your specific application. There are several finish options including polished, honed, filled, brushed, and chiselled. Each of these travertines has its benefits. If you want it to have a chiselled or tumbled finish, then you should go for rustic tiles. And if you’re looking for a modern look, then you should prefer polished or filled travertine.

Do They Have Samples?

Manufacturers have similar processes for travertine production, but when you ask about quality, each manufacturer has its own standards. So, it will be great to ask for samples from the seller before making a purchase, in that way you will see whether they meet your standards.

How About Purchasing Extra Tiles?

It is always safer to purchase additional tiles because wastage may occur during installation. When you would see that it will be insufficient, then you don’t have to go to the store. Maybe they may be out of stock.

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