Previously, marble wasn’t a design material for the living room walls. However, with lots of options available today, you can use marble on your walls with confidence. You can utilise different marbles and finishes on your walls. With some tips, you will get all the benefits of the marble.

Until recently, marble wasn’t considered for interior design. We saw using marble on the walls as the floor-to-ceiling stone which gave a cold view. Today, marble is turning back for interior home design. Many people consider it as a cold stone that is beyond elegant or modern. When you use the marble in your home, particularly on your living room walls, you would be amazed at how marble can be used to create such stunning interior designs.

And designing your living room with marble is a real challenge. The issue here is how to assess the technical and aesthetic features of the marble. If you choose the correct marble for your walls, you can add style and character to the interior design.

Marble on Walls

Using marbles to build columns in your living room could be a good choice, but the columns don’t need to be stretched from floor to the ceiling. This would harm the elegance and create an industrial view. You can build marble columns up to half of the wall and paint the other part with a matching colour. This enables you to separate the spaces.

Stone Choices

You can add personality and luxury to your living room walls with different stones. You can make your space look beautiful with genuine mosaic designs. With several stone options in our marble collection, you can tailor your walls unique for your home. If you want to create depth in your living space, you can use stunning three-dimensional tiles. For any type of design requests, you can check out our marble collection.

Marble Living Room Walls

Another point to consider is the colour of the marble on the wall. You should consider how the marble tile will influence the whole room. You can safely use refreshing and contrast colour with different shapes and finishes.

We know that there are some tips to consider while choosing the right stone for your walls. You should choose the right illumination since it will sharpen the effect of the marble. You may think of combining the marble with some textile decorations. It will definitely balance the cold ambiance coming from the marble. Don’t choose a single marble for the wall, but instead prefer different combinations to catch a dynamic environment. You can decorate other parts of the room with bright materials. This will make the marble stand out.

If you happen to design your living room walls with marble, please feel free to contact us by visiting our website, call our customer representative or personally visit our showroom in Istanbul. We would be more than happy to help you with any design project for your home.